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1st Molar Band pre-welded with sgl tube

  • Product information
  • Item Number:M series
  • Size:0.018/0.022
  • Package:4pc/set; 20set/pack; 85set/pack
  • Specification:Roth/MBT/Edgewise

Product details


1. The shape of band accord to the shape of molar, using computer simulation technology to ensure fitting closely with the teeth;

2. Imported fine stainless steel material provide uniform thickness and moderate hardness;

3. Clear, permanent laser mark, never disappear and fade, easy to identify for dentists.

4. Involute edge provide a close fit with the teeth, enhance the stability, and prevent the loss of the adhesive and into particles;

5. Sandblasted inner surface increasing the contact area provide 40% more adhesive strength;

6. There are 6 series of Yahong Band: Bicuspid series, 1st molar M series, 1st molar G series, 2nd molar series.


Above is 1pc/set


Above is 4pcs/set


Above is 20sets/pack





Above is 85sets/pack




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